Logo Design
Client: Financial Management and Comptroller Directorate (SMC/FM), Space and Missile Systems Center, CA
The Financial Management and Comptroller Directorate provides financial management and cost analysis support for the Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB, CA. SMC/FM manages the center's $6B/year space and missile portfolio serving as the commander's trusted financial advisor to ensure effective execution of taxpayer dollars and resources. SMC/FM also provides financial services to include military, civilian, and travel pay. The logo design is a traditional military shield with modern elements to it representing FM's mission and responsibilities to support SMC's space acquisition mission.
Logo: The Face of smc/fm
The Colors of smc/fm
typography of smc/fm
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THe fm Director's coin
Coins are a long standing American military tradition that instills pride, improve esprit de corps and reward excellence. Presenting members with a coin is one way in which leaders show their appreciation for contributions above and beyond one's normal duties. The FM Director's Coin is given by the SMC Comptroller to its members both military and civilian for extraordinary contributions and achievements.
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