In celebration of Perseverance’s successful landing and its exploration and search for possible signs of life on Mars, this concept poster for NASA Jet Propulsions Lab (JPL) is a minimalist promotion of this historic and potentially game-changing mission. Using a simple image of a clear starry night sky as a textured background creates a straightforward representation of deep space that allows the simple message of the design to stand out. The stars on the background are bright and plentiful but don’t overwhelm the design and create a strong contrast between the text and the images. On the top right are the official logos of NASA’s rover program and its newest and historic first-of-its-kind helicopter drone meant as a visual representation of the planet Mars and the current missions of Perseverance and  Ingenuity. The text message is a witty and simple play to the first incredible images that Perseverance has beamed back to Earth (and we want more!) and also references the nicknames of the two vehicles Percy (Perseverance) and Ginny (Ingenuity). The textured background extends downwards to the minimalist silhouette of a forest representing Earth. The large spacing between design elements signifies the great distance and communication of this mission from Earth to Mars.
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