Crave Coffee & Tea
Environmental Graphics and Signage Design (Concept)
Crave Coffee and Tea is a local specialty roaster in Riverside, Ca. The small coffee shop in Central Ave, offers specialty handcrafted coffee (hot or cold), tea, pastries, and a breakfast menu. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has slowed or worse many businesses like Crave. However, there is light and hope and the end of the tunnel and anticipates a hopefull eoncomic recovery and mindsets. Crave is looking at integrating impact signage that will provide a refreshed look of the coffee shop that represents the essence of the company that their patrons have to come love—a place of not just great coffee but a connection for people with the same passion and love.
The aim of this project is create new marketing collaterals for use outdoor and indoor display. The design must new and fresh, but bold and inviting that will help entice people to connect once again—when eventually it is safe to do so. The design must approachable, relatable, and fun. As a small business, Crave coffee is in a competitive market with both major coffeeshop brands and local specialty roasters in Riverside and the Inland Empire. The project is not intended as a rebrand but an addition and enhancement to the Crave Coffee and Tea brand.

Large Illustrated Window Decal

This design of this large window decal is an integration of type and illustration that is warm, bold, and inviting. The challenge of designing multiple panels is to ensure it connects together. The flow of the design illustrates the flow of thoughts and emotive power of storytelling. The idea of the design is to invite patrons and viewers to engage with the design and encourage people to share their thoughts of memorable experiences over a cup of coffee on social media. The typography fills the design with different keywords and types of stories people tell.

Retractable Banners (Indoor Display)

The idea of this banner design is that through a warm cup of coffee in the morning, it creates that boost of energy and thoughts in people’s minds about their experiences. The warm color signifies a bright and early boost to people’s day. Through a peaceful sip of coffee can be a time for people to reflect on their thoughts and the design invites people to share those reflections on social media or simply encourage storytelling with their coffeemates. The banner is also the medium to use to feature new (primarily seasonal) menu items.

Overhead Hanging Menu Boards

The design is not a complete departure from the existing chalkboard menu boards but rather the design is an enhancement. The design is simple and straightforward using a playful typeface and simple and intuitive line illustrations to complement the type.
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