Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) Civilian Recruiting Campaign
SMC as the leading acquisition and development of military space assets for the United States Space Force is dependent on having the best and brightest personnel to accomplish its goals of driving and delivering relevant space capabilities to the United States. As the organization competes with some of the largest companies in the US to include both commercial and defense contractors, it is imperative that the SMC project as an organization—built on a culture of agility and innovation—that is a desirable premier workplace. The goal of the design of this recruiting campaign flyer for civilians is visually project SMC as forward looking innovative organization and highlight its different in-demand careers such as engineering, program management, logistics and more.
The Commander’s Intent for Agility & Innovation is a declarative document of SMC’s new vision and path forward in its transition and transformation into an organization built and driven by a culture of agile and innovation. In the document are a set of mindsets targeted primarily towards leaders and supervisors but is intended for the general population on what the center needs to meet and achieve its vision of an agile and innovative organization. The document is fundamentally structured in a straightforward and simple hierarchy. The document is organized in a simple manner—title, short text narrative, quoted call out, and bulleted sets of contents that is flowed for easy reading. The hierarchy in reinforced with the fundamental and basic use of typographical techniques such as different weights and sizes, as well as colors. The illustration on the introduction is designed in and composed in the document in a way that supports the message rather than overshadow it.
Joie de Vivre — Hotel del Sol
Hotel del Sol is fun and funky. A breezy, vibrant 1950s motor lodge turned fab in San Francisco’s Marina District. The goal of this project is to create a tri-fold brochure that promotes the personality, attributes, and values of Hotel del Sol. While site features, local attractions, and amenities are important factors, that level of detail is a function reserved for the website that most people go into. Rather, the design must feature, focus, and reflect on its personality that every guests can create memories to reflect upon. As the world emerges from the pandemic, the design features the measures and steps taken by Hotel del Sol for it to be a place that is safe and comforting during these difficult times.
Civilian Leadership Development Council (CLDC)
CLDC is a private non-profit organization for federal employees at the Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Space Force Base, CA. The goal of this flyer is promote the organization across SMC in Los Angeles as well as geographically separated units at New Mexico and Colorado and encourage active participation and increase its membership. The design highlights the mission and goals of the organization, the development focuses, and signature events that provides assistance and support for the development and advancement of federal employees at SMC.
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